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Опубликовано 22 Февраль 2007 - 19:41

Сегодня мы рады сообщить Вам, что следующие 80 мб. чистого удовольствия, выпущенные SI, содержат не только пяток малозначительных исправлений, навроде тонкой настройки движка матча, но и официальное обновление базы данных после зимнего трансферного окна в Европе. И, в отличии от предыдущего билда, этим кусочком Football Manager'а мы бы не советовали пренебрегать.

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Опубликовано 22 Февраль 2007 - 19:42

Список изменений:

Football Manager 2007 v7.0.2

- Fixed bug where Australian youth player was being given English nationality only and thus not being eligible to play as he had no work permit.
- Fixed bug with player fines not getting processed properly at various times in the season.
- Fixed bug where lots of virtual players were added for a team.
- Fixed future human manager transfer bug - some data wasn't being updated properly in some situations.
- Fixed humans being offered countless players by German and Spanish teams in particular
- Fixed bug when training and youth facilities are upgraded simultaneously, only training facilities would actually upgrade.
- Fixed bug where teams who have already accepted friendlies for a tour accept again when a replacement team is picked.
- Fixed bug where sometimes fixtures would be played at the old stadium when a team moves to a new stadium.
- Fixed stadium expansion bug where seats were sometimes being added immediately after the expansion is announced.
- Fixed bug where national team managers were not sent news sometimes about players being injured when playing for the national team.
- Fixed bug where blank entries were shown in players history when they had not made any appearances.
- Confederations Cup now takes place in host country of next World Cup.
- International friendly instructions now cleared down after matches.
- When scout assignments are removed, the user can now re-assign to the same nation/region without having to leave the screen and come back.
- Fixed a crash in a scout report news item.
- Fixed a crash which would sometimes occur when playing a friendly competition which clashes with other matches.
- Fixed issues where some sweepers would have no DC ability
- Fixed a transfer promotion clause crash caused by edited data.
- Teams which are promoted from lower divisions without a stadium get one generated.
- Fixed crash when retiring an unemployed manager
- Fixed a rare crash when arranging a friendly match.
- Fixed a crash when calling up multiple players to a national pool.
- Fixed a crash which might occur if a human manager builds up a squad of over 200 players.
- When a player on loan is transferred to a third team, his stats are now cleared down properly.
- Fixed a manager being fired unreasonably in finish league due to some teams having a next division set as a lower division
- Fixed a game freeze when going to a scout's list of scouted players.

Match Engine Version History

Match v551

- Reduced number of off ball violent offences slightly.

Match v552

- Further violent conduct tweak

Match v553

- Even further violent conduct tweak

- If a user navigates away from a job contract offer from a different team and goes back, the screen will show the correct team that the contract offer is from instead of showing the user's current team.
- Aggregate goals now shown correctly on a competition's fixtures/results section for 2nd leg matches.
- User can now only select one team as their feeder club at any one time from the news item.
- Fixed issue where the contract offer screen was showing old contract offers.
- Fixed a match commentary issue where a team name would sometimes not display properly.
- Home/away stats on the match screen now appear properly after viewing team tactics and going back.
- Fixed bug where sub gk changes to an outfield kit when a tactics change is made.
- Fixed bug where match preview panel was missing out goalscorers included from reserve teams.

- Stopped lower level free agent and older players asking for 5 year deals
- Lowered players expectations when negotiating a new contract.
- Fixed bug where user could switch section from the contract offer screen and cause the offering team of the contract offer to be the player's current team instead of the human's team.
- Fixed bug where human managers couldn't offer new contracts to certain players.
- Fixed bug where player going out on loan would be given a normal contract instead of a loan contract.
- Fixed in some cases whereby player were demanding extortionate appearance fees.
- Stopped managers from being allowed to sign players who fail work permit checks on youth contract terms.

- Agents now won't recommend players who are out on loan.

Newgens/Youth Players
- Changed a lot of second nationality players and added some more nationality youngsters via feedback from forums.
- Made more newgens two footed than before
- Fewer newgens for nations which are running in "View Only" mode.

- Reduced the amount of results returned for lower league teams when assigning a scout to a nation/region.
- Fixed scouts stopping performing assignments

- Fixed bug where player attributes can fluctuate slightly albeit temporarily in cycles.


- Reduced asking prices slightly outside top echelons
- Fixed "mad chairmen" selling players over managers heads too often at reasonably sized rich clubs
- Clubs more willing to spend on obviously quality players at lower/middling levels
- Slightly more foreign interest in well performing players in smaller leagues
- Fixed bug where monthly installment money was not be given to a team with a next sale percentage clause.

Network Game
- Fixed game freeze problem when joining a game which uses a password and the wrong password is entered.
- Fixed client crash after being banned from a network game.
- Fixed client crash when host exited a game and client was on the tactic screen.

- Stopped unknown players winning World Player awards.

- Highest average rating records now update if the player has played more games, and equalled the record rating.
- Improved selection of Caribbean and Central American nations for qualification to the Gold Cup.
- 2008 African Cup of Nations is held in Ghana.
- Royal League now with only one leg for Quarter Final and Semi-Final.

South America
- Correct losing Semi Finalist is selected to play in the World Club Championship if two Mexican teams reach the Copa Libertadores final.
- First placed teams in the group stage of the Libertadores are now able to make changes to their squads for the knockout rounds

- Stopped transfer window news appearing for the Free Transfer window.

- Added Brazilian Cup 2007 participants.

- Fixed some promotion/relegation issues.

- Fixed winter break not working for Danish U18 Cup.
- Some improvements to Premier league scheduling so that postponed games are not scheduled in between or past last two rounds.

- Conference North and South teams now enter the FA Trophy at the 3rd Qualifying Round.
- Johnstone's Trophy Final now played at Wembley from the 2007/08 season.
- Conference North and South Playoff finals now played at more appropriate stadiums.
- English finals are played at the Millennium stadium in the first season and then Wembley from the 2007/08 season.

- Finnish League Cup groups now correct for 2007

- Matches are now shown on TV

- Greek Cup 4th round now goes to a replay if scores are level.

- Dutch Cup format changed
- Dutch Premier Division teams always have teams entered in the Reserve and Youth league

Hong Kong (China PR)
- Fixed Hong kong Football Club not participating in continental competitions.

- Added correct suspension method for the Toto Cup

- Reggina points deduction now 11 points.

- Fixed bug where winner of First Division A playoff would not be promoted if it was a Second Division team.

Northern Ireland
- Stopped the same team been used twice in the Second Division Relegation playoff

- Correct teams now qualify for the Royal League

- Polish Legaue Cup added.

- Portuguese Cup Final is now played at the National Stadium


- Added some restrictions for 2 clubs playing in Singaporean league ( one Chinese and one South Korean).

- Fixed wrong teams getting promoted when running the Slovenian First Division only.

- Transfer budget on news item now matches up with budget on the team finances screen.

- Corrected Welsh disciplinary system

Data Editor v7.0.2
- Added B/C team editing.
- Added continent regional strength field.
- Added nation UEFA coefficients and FIFA ranking.
- Added nation languages.
- Added international friendlies.
- Added average match and season ticket price fields.
- Added club UEFA coefficients.
- Added club regional divisions.
- Added club tactical attributes.
- Added club records.
- Added club history.
- Added stadium capacity changes.
- Added stadium moves.
- Added award colours.
- Added award history.
- Added city latitude & longitude.
- Added competition colours.
- Added injury occurence ratio.
- Added club next division.
- Added retired person editing.
- Added nation famous players (Media Comparison).
- Fixed bug that could cause problems when changing the name of a person.
- Fixed dupliacte entry in city inhabitants range drop down.
- Made player and non player only jobs available to Player/Non Players.
- Fixed sorting in club staff & player lists.

Football Manager 2007 v7.0.1 Build 92685

- Fixed wrong player listed in international Set Friendly Instructions for replacement players.
- Fixed a display bug with the teams table on MLS manager’s achievements screen.
- Fixed player milestones declaring that a player was about to make a landmark appearance (e.g. 50th league appearance) for a club when in fact it was his debut.
- Fixed When you move a player to your reserve squad for <time period> the option is no longer available once this time period is complete, or when you manually moved him back to the first-team.
- Fixed when you move a player to the reserves for <time period> and then go on holiday, he comes back straight away.
- Fixed morale being too high across the board.
- Fixed a potential crash in some situations where data was edited in an unexpected way.
- Fixed an array access out of bounds warning when a team has more than 127 players in its squad.
- Fixed bug where matches in regional leagues would sometimes get played in full detail.
- Fixed a problem with the "Move Matches For TV" setting not being remembered sometimes.
- Fixed morale being globally too high in first season, and also made it less prone to extremes going forward.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes reading in a custom human manager picture caused an infinite loop/hang to occur.
- Fixed an issue with stadium expansions where if you had more than one ongoing at the same time (such as underoil heating and seats) one of them may sometimes would never be completed.
- Fixed an issue where big teams were accepting friendly proposals for no fee.
- Fixed an issue where stadium expansion would be completed the day after specified.
- Fixed problem with German II Teams if human is in control of first team.
- Fixed strange dates in manager achievements screen.
- Fixed a crash when responding to a media question regarding a human managers constant job application whilst still employed.
- Attendances are now less peaky to form during the early part of a season.
- Improved Referee selection for matches.
- Updated Community Credits.
- If running up a second instance of FM07 it would clear down the FM temporary folder, which could subsequently corrupt a save game if you tried to save the game from the first instance of FM.
- Cut down number of injuries from low detail matches.
- "Time at club" manager record now reset for computer managers who get put out of jobs by human managers.
- Less high potential ability non-players created from blank potential ability at game start.
- Ensure that managers who give themselves a high reputation at the start of the game are less likely to be offered an international job too early on until they are at a club which is more established.
- Tweaked AI allocation of squad rotation/backup statuses.
- Any crash dump files are now generated in the user data folder ('crash dumps' sub folder) rather than in the FM installation folder.
- .cmp files now go in "comps" in the user data folder like everything else (and not in the FM installation data folder).
- Made interest from bigger clubs slightly more likely to trigger player wanting move to bigger club.
- Fog of War now unmasks player attributes when the player has featured in a match against the Human team.
- Greek teams now arrange friendlies in the 2nd season.
- Altered the manner in which attendances change year-on-year slightly.
- Made it easier to sign unemployed staff when the user is in charge of far flung countries such as Australia/USA.
- Fixed a rare occurrence of 'array index out of bounds' error on loading the game.

Feeder Clubs
- Fixed an issue where players would be unlikely to move to Polish Feeder Teams.
- Players are now more likely to move to a Feeder club if they are a Young/Hot Prospect or if they need a Work Permit.
- Improved the chances for Semi-professional teams with low finances to get some sort of Feeder Club.

- Fixed an issue with Basque generated names sometimes choosing a random name rather than a Spanish one (if no Basque name could be found).
- Fixed an issue with Female generated names sometimes not being counted as female.
- Improved technical-mental-physical attribute balance in newgens and players with empty attributes in starting database.
- Newgens technical-mental-physical attribute balance retweaked a little when loading pre-patch saved game.

Board Takeovers
- Fixed an issue with clubs promoted into active leagues without researched Chairman which caused a Board Takeover to occur.
- Improved criteria for a plc board takeover.

- Fixed Scout Report using Offside as the initial "worst stat" rather than Passing (which has more to do with the player's general play).
- Fixed crash when trying to assign scout when there are more than 127 possible competitions to scout.
- Fixed an issue where a Scout could sometimes fail to spot an obviously highly talented newgen player.
- Fixed scout not always scouting next opposition.
- Scouts no longer provide excessive asking prices on their Report Cards.
- Users no longer get scout reports on USA draft players if they are not managing in the MLS.

- Fixed bug that could cause some players' attributes to respond better or worse to training than should be the case.
- Players in German reserve teams no longer forced to do youth training schedules.

- Fixed extreme cases of high asking prices.
- Fixed a crash which would occur sometimes when negotiating MLS transfers.
- Fixed an issue with low asking prices for players in the Portuguese league (as well as similar sized/finance leagues too).
- Fixed player rejecting loan extension just before big game.
- Fixed issue where you could sign a player at the end of the forthcoming season.
- Fixed board accepting bid on behalf of the management which were way below players basic value.
- Reduced the number of obscure players being offered to Human clubs.
- German clubs no longer continue to release players outside of Transfer Windows.
- Clubs in "View Only" leagues no longer try to get rid of player's with a Squad Status better than "Not needed by the club".
- MLS roster cut down tuning. Teams try to keep their better players.
- Stopped teams from making multiple enquiry offers for same player.
- Stopped rich AI clubs from occasionally spending stupid amounts of money on non first team players.

- Fixed an issue where a news item would report a player signed a zero-year deal.
- Fixed an issue when a virtual player signed a youth contract which incorrectly triggered a news item suggesting he'd signed a professional contract.
- Fixed an issue where the Human couldn't offer a contract to a co-owned player after both bids had been accepted.
- Fixed being able to offer staff shorter term deals than what they want (or are currently on) without rewarding them with higher wages.
- Fixed crash when clicking 'View Summary' in news item when human manager takes over a club and their contract is N/A.
- Fixed problem whereby some players would allow you to remove theirappearance fees and not offer additional money.
- Allowed free Mutual Termination of former player-manager's contract at club when Human manager takes charge (example Ipswich's Jim Magilton).
- Stopped Human user being able to slowly decrement a players wage by offering less wages in new contract talks.
- Added text to contract offer screen to indicate player's bonus demands.
- Reduced the number of youth players who are set for pro deals at start of a new game.

- Fixed an issue where some Season Ticket money was not being calculated for all clubs in the first season.
- Fixed a problem where clubs could keep getting under soil heating upgrades.
- Lowered match day costs for small teams.
- Some tweaks to 'other' cost model for certain types of teams.
- Generic finance tweaks to overall model.
- Tuned specific finances model for Argentina.
- Tuned specific finances model for Belgium.
- Tuned specific finances model for Brazil.
- Tuned specific finances model for Denmark.
- Tuned specific finances model for France.
- Tuned specific finances model for Germany.
- Tuned specific finances model for Greece.
- Tuned specific finances model for Holland.
- Tuned specific finances model for Italy.
- Tuned specific finances model for Ireland.
- Tuned specific finances model for Malaysia.
- Tuned specific finances model for Poland.
- Tuned specific finances model for Portugal.
- Tuned specific finances model for Spain.
- Tuned specific finances model for Slovakia.
- Tuned specific finances model for Slovenia.
- Tuned specific finances model for Wales.
- Tuned the amount of money you could get from merchendising feeder clubs down a bit.
- Lower Tax burden from prior year profit (estimated) in first season slightly.

- Fixed minor player_bio logic where players joining a loan club talked about their ambitions for their contracted club.
- Fixed players being offered injections if they're unavailable for the next match.
- Fixed club former favourites being able to comment about themselves in news items.
- Fixed media saying a player has been in superb form in recent weeks when he hasn't played many competitive games.
- Fixed transfer window roundup news mentioning teams who have just been promoted from inactive leagues as the teams who have done the most transfers.
- Fixed being able to praise players recent form when he's only played in last match and not the ones before that.
- Fixed competition_bio runners-up string: "Although neither team have ever won the <comp>...".
- Fixed board becoming annoyed at 'persistent requests' when only one board request had been made.
- Fixed newly-signed player looking to learn from an idol who is currently away from the club on loan.
- Fixed Celtic being described as winning the Scottish League Cup zero times.
- Fixed controversial news items not coping when the aggrieved person is the same as the other incident person.
- Fixed duplicate news items about players being called up for international teams.
- Fixed issue with promotion media question response.
- Fixed player_bio logic where the interested club was the club the player was currently playing for.
- Fixed a 'controversial incident' being made newsworthy when the same team lashed the ball into the net seconds later!!
- Fixed news items being created where the previously-used formation and latest formation are identical. e.g. "Changed from a 4-4-2 to a previously untested 4-4-2".
- Fixed fans criticising you for negative tactics when the tactics weren't negative.
- Copa America cup stage now keeps teams from same group stage apart.
- Stopped tactical analysis news being generated for play-off second leg matches as it wasn't coping with the aggregate score line.
- Don't allow co-owned players who are not currently at the club to be regarded as potential replacements for injured players.
- Ensured that landmark game in charge news item is only generated before a competitive match.

- Hernia injuries are now included in the game.
- Fixed an issue with the Indonesian league not retaining enough players from the database.
- More UK based players are kept in the database now when any of the UK leagues is selected.

User Interface
- Fixed players being sent to reserves until match fit then not returning all the time when match fit.
- Fixed being able to confirm your media comment on certain questions when the radio button had not been selected.
- Fixed slow down when changing year to view previous group stages in competitions.
- Fixed problem where continue button on menu bar would sometimes not stretch to fit the text.
- Fixed the team news panel summary from showing overall goals and instead it now shows league goals.
- Fixed a colour clash bug where sometimes teams would play each other both wearing red kits.
- Fixed 'Export' button not appearing clicked.
- Fixed action area arrows being cut off on Flexion Right skin.
- Fixed missing results when doing a staff search and using 'is not' <job> filter.
- Fixed a rare freeze when viewing a human's shortlist. This was caused by a player getting added to the shortlist twice.
- Fixed a problem where the training workload slider setting would not be stored sometimes.
- Fixed a bug where teak talk feedback could not be viewed for an assistant manager sometimes.
- Fixed kits being cut off on the team information screen when lots of information is present on this screen / larger kits are used.
- Disabled shortcut for changing users (Ctrl+Shift+C) while a new manager is in the process of being added.
- Player "Selection Details" did not show a scrollbar in some situations where it needed to.
- Double clicking on title bar during start up doesn't move the window slightly.
- If asking a coach to pick your team while on the tactics screen in a tactics-specific view, the tactic slider or popup button disappeared until you clicked the View menu again.
- The New Game Wizard is not shown if the last game was created with four or more nations.
- The "Show Wizard" menu item is disabled if the user picks more than three nations when setting up a new game.
- Nations on Job Security weren't displaying flags, causing text to be misaligned with clubs.
- News items with goalkeeper coaches or fitness coaches display specific coaching attributes instead of a generic one.
- Some panels on the manager snapshot screen were visible for national manager when they were club only.
- If panels were hidden on snapshot screen the entire box, including the header and menu were hidden, making the user unable to change snapshot panel for that sub-section.
- Disable "Shortlists" button on the staff search, because you can't shortlist staff, or save the staff search as a shortlist.
- On the person filter dialog (customise player/staff search filter) you could not use mouse wheel to scroll through various filter types.
- You couldn't delete bookmarks in a sub-folder.
- Oceania was selectable in the view menu of continents when starting a new game even though there are no active rule groups on this continent.
- If you started a new game from within a game, the initial screen title would keep the name of the old save game.
- Team finances salary panel now doesn't include wages of players paid by other clubs (loans and co-ownerships)
- Removed duplicated Employed filter rule from staff filter dialog and added Reputation filter rule
- In certain cases 'arrange friendly' and 'cancel friendly' buttons were hidden if you cancelled attempting to arrange a friendly.
- Opposition Player Instructions squad list would not always display the correct position for substitutes coming on.
- Opposition Player Instructions squad would display S247 or similar erroneous text for players having been sent off.
- When multiple players are selected, coach reports now work for all players and not just the first.
- Disabled load game from within a game when browsing off the match screen.
- Increased display time hints & tips both while saving/loading and on the FM Live panel slightly.
- Transfer delayed news was sometimes not displaying the new date properly in the news item.
- Added some more match highlight speeds.
- When 2 humans play each other on the same PC with team talks handled by the assistant manager, the away team manager no longer gets forced to make a team talk.
- In certain situations changing the picture on the Add Manager Wizard did not update the displayed image (though it would use the correct image on the manager profile when actually adding the manager).
- Sometimes the "FM Live" or the "Hints & Tips" panel could be hidden when it should be shown.
- Manager snapshot panel was displaying some financial information about computer controlled teams - these are now hidden.
- There was a slight text overlay ('bleed') on some of the player comment/response screens.
- USY player status icon in Major League Soccer teams now takes you to a players transfer panel instead of not doing anything.
- Automatic squad numbers button now makes sure players picked for a match get squad numbers.
- You can now go to "Main Menu" from the "Options" menu if you are viewing a match from the Main Menu (i.e. loaded a pkm).
- Manager/coach release clause now appears on the contract offer screen when you add the clause.
- Manager snapshot panels displayed b-team (and possibly some other) players in the overall player stats summary when they had not played for the first team.
- In some situations the competition team stats panel only showed a limited number of teams (e.g. 'Conceded' stats).
- News items relating to fitness coaches now display somewhat more relevant information in the details panel.
- Transfer budget values for the 'personal message' news item and on the person search section could be slightly inaccurate due to using an approximate/rounded value.
- Edit boxes that had multiple lines (such as notes) cut off the upper part of the first line.
- Players on a saved shortlist (i.e. not the default one) would not show up with yellow text colour in player lists.
- Cannot view budgets from computer controlled teams now.
- Mac specific: If the CD was not in the drive, and the user pressed Return or Enter, FM would ask to start a new game when it should actually 'Retry'.
- Using Quick Flicks when viewing 'Domestic' -> 'Clubs' in a nation would only go to the first or last nation in the breadcrumb list and not iterate through all of them.
- "Use 'user data' folder for temporary files" setting on the Preferences screen was not remembered.

- Fixed not being able to change players for Copa Libertadores.
- Fixed a crash when running the Northern Irish league in view only mode.
- Fixed Concacaf Champions Cup winner Amйrica (MEX) not being in 2006 World Club Cup.
- Teams from the same group in the Copa America cannot play each other in the quarter final.
- Brazil U23 cannot qualify for the Confederations Cup through the Gold Cup.
- European Champions Cup and UEFA Cup group stages now use clubs own coefficients to seed teams instead of using the co-efficients of teams they have beaten in qualifying rounds.
- League history entries where a team finished 1st were being ignored when working out teams highest league positions.
- Stopped reserve matches being scheduled on 2 consecutive days.
- New European U21 Championship format implemented.
- When teams have multiple stadium moves planned, they now should go through on the correct dates.
- Correct teams take part in the 2006 Sudamericana Cup.
- Max squad size for African Cup of Nation teams is 23 not 22.
- Corrected Sudamericana Cup format for the later rounds.
- Brazilian Champions now always play in the Copa Sudamericana.
- USA take part in the 2007 Copa America (previously there was a random chance they would not).
- North Americana Gold Cup: Only North American teams now take part in the competition.
- Updated Champions Cup Prize money.
- Wayne Rooney's international ban now gets updated properly after each match.
- U19 teams/leagues now used in Spain.
- Yellow cards in Friendlies don't count towards suspensions.
- Confederations Cup now takes place every 4 years.

- Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) now cannot buy players.
- Squad rules now do not include players on loan to or from clubs.

- Fixed wrong semi-final matches in Sгo Paulo and Minas Gerais State Championship.
- A team is now relegated properly from the Brazilian Parб State Championship.
- Guarani starting Brazilian Second Division with -3 points.
- Brazilian teams playing Copa Libertadores now don't play in Brazilian Cup.
- In Brazil emergency goalkeeper sub rule shouldn't exist.
- Brazilian Parб State Championship: If one of top 2 play Copa Libertadores in the same year of the Brazilian Cup, then the next team in line (the 3rd placed team in the 2nd phase) play the Brazilian Cup instead.
- Some tuning for promotions from inactive leagues.
- Brazilian Potiguar State Championship: Corrected the playoff schedule.
- Players on trial are not allowed to play in Brazilian competitive games.

- Belgian Cup 6th round draw now takes place 3 weeks prior to game date.

China PR
- Fix for Chinese league foreigners rule: if 0 Hong Kong players in the squad, then we still can only have a Maximum of 3 foreigners in the club squad.

- 2 U21 players now must be included in the squad for Colombian matches (one of whom must be U19).

- Fixed Croatia reserve leagues being setup.
- Fixed a warning to do with Croatian Cup when all leagues are selected and Croatia is set to 'View-Only'.
- Croatia U19 Second Division now has only one group of 16 teams.

- Danish Premier Division Wednesday scheduling update (games now kick-off at 19:00).

- El Nacional of Ecuador in real life do not sign foreigners.

- Players no longer incorrectly appearing to be one yellow card away from a match ban.

- Fixed Czech First Division last 2 round matches not playing on Saturday.

- African/Oceanic/Caribbean nations no longer treated as non-EU for Finland.
- Some Finnish competition dates fixed.

- French League Cup now has a maximum of 7 subs been able to be named.
- French League Cup later rounds format updated.
- Croatian players no longer treated as non-EU in France.

- Stopped league games been scheduled at the same time as international fixtures.

- Moved the Dutch Cup Final to 6th May.

- Teams now in correct divisions for 2007 season.

- Removed Cross Border competition.

- Siena docked 1 point in Serie A for late payment of taxes.
- Italian teams playing Champions League matches on Tuesdays get their Sunday match moved back a day.
- Penalty points reduction for Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina.
- 2 points deduction for Sassari Torres (Italy, C2/A).
- Correct teams now play in the Italian C1 Super Cup.

- Players are now eligible to play in the Israeli Under-19 league.

- Fixed Mexican First Division Repechaje seeding problem.
- Fixed wrong Mexican teams being entered into the Copa Sudamericana.
- Fixed wrong Mexican teams being entered into Primera A promotion final.
- Fixed wrong teams being relegated from First Division A.

- Norwegian leagues now use 3 from 7 subs rule.
- Some Norwegian league date scheduling issues fixed.
- Bigger attendances for matches on the 16th May.

- Polish Second Division now has 2 TV games per week.
- Polonia Warszawa (Polish Second Division) have had their points penalty cancelled.
- Away goals rule now applies for Polish FA Cup.
- Polish league clubs can choose any squad number to be given to a player.
- Polish Legaue Cup added.

- Portuguese Squad Selection rules fixed.
- Portuguese players can now get squad numbers over 30 at the start of the game.
- Players are now correctly classified as Home Grown players when registering European Squads for Portuguese teams.

- Set minimum stadium capacity for Russian Premier League to 10,000 seats.

- Updated Serbian Disciplinary System.
- Updated Serbian Transfer Window dates.
- Players from Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina can get second Serbian nationality 1 year after they come to a Serbian club.

- First Division games are no longer played when International Friendlies are been played.

South Korea
- Fixed inappropriate naturalization in South Korea.
- Korean Reserve League format change.
- South Korean FA Cup now uses three out of seven substitutes.
- South Korean All Star Cup match date now 15/08 (national holiday).
- South Korean FA Cup match venue: lower division teams now play at home.

- Updated number of Spanish Segunda Division TV games.
- Updated number of La Liga TV games.

- Non-EU players in Sweden who have lived there for 3 years or more now don't count towards Non-EU player quota and at the same time don't gain Swedish Second Nationality.
- Fixed Swedish Second Division Middle Gotaland missing a team.

- Summer Transfer Window now closes on 31st August.

- Turkish Cup Revenue update.

- Players from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Belarus now treated as foreigners in Ukraine.
- Ukraine High League schedule update.
- Updated transfer periods for Ukraine.
- Updated Ukrainian Cup.

United States
- MLS wage cap adjusted from $350k to $310k.

- Uruguayan Reserve and Youth Leagues updated.
- Uruguayan First Division: All teams now play at the same time for last round of Apertura and Clausura stages

Network Game
NOTE: any clients using the 7.0 version cannot join a Network Game hosted by a 7.0.1 exe (and vice versa).
- Fixed an issue when using 'Declare Interest In Job' on a Network Client would use the wrong Human manager.
- Fixed a crash issue when the Network Client exits the game whilst on the Tactics screen.
- Fixed client crash when host quits game when client is adding a new manager.
- When a client machine is on holiday whilst the game saves, the save progress dialog now gets removed at the end of the saving process.
- Alliteration headlines no longer appear in English for clients using a foreign language when the server is running in English.
- If user tries to clear his team selection immediately after confirming it, the game will not allow the players to be unpicked.
- Icon showing number of managers yet to continue now shows properly.

- Added Morecambe player pictures.
- Added MK Dons player pictures.
- Added Nuneaton player pictures.
- Added Oldham player pictures.
- Added Sunderland player pictures.
- Added Swansea player pictures.
- Added Swindon player pictures.
- Added Wycombe player pictures.
- Fixed Chris Moore (Brentford) player picture incorrectly mapped to Sam Moore (Brentford).
- Updated Democratic Republic of Congo flag.
- Updated Rotherham away kit image.
- Updated FC Twente, Roda JC and Sparta Rotterdam logos.

Match Engine Version History

Match v543
- Fixed ball thrown back to far at goal kick bug.
- Fixed unrealistic quick free kick shot.
- Fixed dribbling bug where players move ball 90 degrees and lose it.
- Tuned player interception judgement AI for longer passes.
- Sub keepers now only warm up if their on field counterpart is injured.
- Made hoofs up field a little more random in direction.
- Stopped occasional instance of players taking a simple interception early with their head and giving ball away cheaply.
- Players now check for near post and far post when deciding if a shot on goal is within their sights.
- Slight tweak down on keeper match ratings.

Match v544
- Fixed a few keeper AI anomalies that caused dodgy goals.
- Fixed occasional slow headers back to keeper that get intercepted.
- Fixed human team marking opposite player flaw.
- Cut out some dangerous back passes.
- Tuned AI used of subs.

Match v545
- Fixed another goalie AI anomaly re not picking up through ball.
- Fixed issue that caused human set piece tactics to change mid match.
- Reduced occasional instance of "ball thrown back too far at goal kick" bug.
- Reduced occasional extreme curve on pass.
- Reduced speculative ambitious passes that almost always fail.
- Reduced occurrence of strikers playing in dead central position making runs into channel unless they have the ppm for it.
- Stopped keeper trying to "narrow angle" when ball already beyond him ( Dudek sideways movement bug ).
- Made defenders more careful with making dangerous passes near own goal area.
- Made defenders keep closer eye on opponents even when their team has ball.
- Make players less likely to get caught in possession in area dangerous to own team.

Match v546
- Fixed missing commentary just before red cards.
- Fixed dissent commentary being shown before red card commentary.
- Fixed obscure possibility of free kick being given just off pitch.
- Fixed sympathise and encourage causing occasional player unrest from team talk.
- Fixed AI bug where defending team would not track back in event of wayward backward header by team mate.
- Extra time now played before seeding decides result if applicable in match rules.
- Made subbed or red carded players disappear from pitch rather than lurk at edge of "tunnel".
- Made defenders a little more aware of interceptions when heading ball clear.
- Slight increase in chances of appropriate players attempting lobs.
- Stopped commentary stating team "wins division" when winning play off final.

Match v547
- Fixed a few anomalies in AI team mentality choice.
- Fixed rearrangement of 541 formation when down to 10 men - wingbacks always retained now.
- Fixed over effective first time control of players receiving long high ball to run onto.
- Fixed obscure crash.
- Assistant manager now takes full charge of team when human on holiday.
- Reduced further risky dribbles by defenders in dangerous areas.
- Stopped end of period whistle being blown when player has good chance to score.
- Stopped player manager reacting to his own talk!
- Stopped "fight ball" variable being set when a player is running with the ball.
- Stopped keepers reacting to long balls forward unnaturally quickly.
- Made defensive teams time waste earlier ( not going to corners though ).
- Made players try to avoid intercepting at awkward heights when possible.
- Improved sensitivity of mentality slider in terms of player formation shape.
- Improved goalkeeper headed clearances.
- Cut down on clearances across own area.
- Cut down on yellow cards for minor fouls unless player has been persistent.

Match v548
- Fixed occasional bug regarding injury probability caused by overload of non perfect pitch condition and high injury proneness.
- Fixed instance of keeper dribbling into trouble when over 30 yards from own goal.
- Stopped "incredible 40 yard strike" commentary line for shot on open goal from distance.
- Stopped attackers reacting to long balls forward unnaturally quickly.
- Stopped stranded keeper standing to watch ball that has rebounded off post.
- Rebalanced number of injuries in match and training accordingly.
- At set pieces, made defenders staying back more likely to stay on their original man longer as play develops.
- Made red cards for professional fouls slightly more likely.
- Slight reduction in incidences of high player aggression.

Match v549
- Tuned AI manager team talks including human assistant ones.

Data Editor v7.0.1
- Fixed game crash when changing an official to a player or non player.
- Fixed problem with changes not being stored on Mac.
- Fixed problem with displaying Used For National Team on stadium.
- Fixed not being able to change the name and season data for Weather.
- Fixed spelling error in award based rule.
- Fixed not being able to change Media Source URLs.
- Fixed all regions having "No Name" when setting Media Source Scope to Regional.
- Fixed issue with peoples City Of Birth, which would sometimes cause it show up as "Unknown" in the game.
- Fixed not being able to enter negative club balance values.
- Removed Nation Population field, as it is not for editing and is not used by the game.
- Removed Average Club Rep At Start and Average Club Cash At Start fields from competition panel, as it shouldn't be changed by the user.
- Changed the layout of the player attributes to make it more similar to the game, and to sort them alphabetically.
- Changed the limit of the Competition Reputation field to 20.
- Changed the weather field limits to 100.
- Added kit and colour editing for clubs and nations.
- Added filters to all searches.
- Added option to change user data folder.
- Added ability to add new Clubs, Cities, Stadiums, Weather, Injuries, Media Sources and Awards.
- Added ability to delete People, Clubs, Cities, Stadiums, Weather, Injuries, Media Sources and Awards.
- Added Club & Nation Relationships.
- Added extra information columns to search dialogs, to make it easier to select on of several players with the same name.
- Added Nation Region field.
- Added Feeder Club Editing.
- Added Unique ID Fields.
- Added Is Covered and Has Undersoil Heating fields for Stadiums.
- Enabled Board Confidence editing for Chairmen (to modify Chairman Status).
- Number values now auto selects the text when it receives keyboard focus.
- Swapping two team also swaps their nation.

#3 Tavria



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Опубликовано 02 Март 2007 - 11:35

Я считаю что в будущем,список изменений на русскоязычном сайте,выкладывать на англисском-абсурдно.С таким же успехом я бы посмотрел этот список и на форуме сигеймз.Я понимаю что не так легко и не так много времени есть у всех чтобы это делать.Можно просто по кусочкам переводить.

Изменено: Tavria, 02 Март 2007 - 11:36

#4 @lex


    Молодое дарование

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Опубликовано 02 Март 2007 - 17:45

думаю этим мы скоро займемся

#5 3Haxapb


    exHomo Hopnicus

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Опубликовано 03 Март 2007 - 15:19

Еще один линк http://ifolder.ru/1219363
3Haxapb: МЫ - ЧЕМПИОНЫ!!!
3Haxapb: КТО ЧЕМПИОНЫ???
shad: МЫ - ЧЕМПИОНЫ!!!
GreenMan: Зига-зага мужики

когда то осенью 2007го....

#6 @lex


    Молодое дарование

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Опубликовано 03 Март 2007 - 22:11

и еще http://wofm.ifolder.ru/1188230

#7 MIB



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Опубликовано 04 Март 2007 - 00:57

кто-нить ставил его уже? как играецца?
какие новые баги?:)

#8 Кимстер


    Игрок запаса

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Опубликовано 04 Март 2007 - 01:02

Хорошо играецца. Новых багов не замечал. :rolleyes:

#9 Bus


    Игрок ротации

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Опубликовано 04 Март 2007 - 13:22

Нашел один баг... правда может это и в 701 было.

Играю в Италии... там традиционно много игроков находящихся в совладении с кемнить...
Когда смотришь в свою "Домашнюю страницу" там в статистике(лучший бомбардир,ассистент итд) появляются челы пофакту находящиеся в другой команде, и забивающие за нее соответственно... которые нам принадлежат на 50 %...
Ничего страшного конешна... но всетаки

"Я помню здесь кошмарные годы – однажды мы стали вторыми" Bob Paisley

#10 Suspect


    Игрок молодежки

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Опубликовано 05 Март 2007 - 16:40

Я считаю что в будущем,список изменений на русскоязычном сайте,выкладывать на англисском-абсурдно.С таким же успехом я бы посмотрел этот список и на форуме сигеймз.Я понимаю что не так легко и не так много времени есть у всех чтобы это делать.Можно просто по кусочкам переводить.

Вот, нашёл где-то....

- Исправлен баг, когда Австралийским молодым игрокам прописывалось только Английское гражданство, и в результате этого они не могли играть, потому что не получали разрешение на работу.
- исправлен баг с неправильным расчетом штрафов для игроков в различные периоды сезона.
- исправлен баг с добавление множества «серых» игроков в команду.
- исправлен баг с будущим переходом менеджера (т.е. вас в другой клуб) – иногда данные не обновлялись верно.
- исправлен баг с бесконечными предложениями вам гамноигроков в особенности от Испанских и Немецких клубов.
- исправлен баг, с ситуацией когда одновременно обновлялись юношеские и взрослые тренировочные базы, а в действительности обновлялась только взрослая.
- исправлен баг с товарняками в виде турне, когда командам уже согласившимся на турне приходилось еще раз подтверждать свои заявки, в случае замены одной из команд.
- исправлен баг с проведением матчей на старом стадионе, когда команда уже переехала на новый.
- исправлен баг с расширением стадиона, иногда количество мест увеличивалось сразу после объявления о начале расширения.
- исправлен баг, когда в некоторых случаях менеджерам сборной не приходили сообщения о травмах его игроков, полученных в матчах за сборную.
- исправлен баг, с пустой страницей в истории, если игрок не провел ни одного матча.
- Кубок Конфедераций теперь проводится в стране-хозяйке следующего ЧМ.
- инструкции на международные матчи теперь обнуляются после каждого матча.
- теперь когда юзер удаляет задания для скаута, то он может заново отправить его в ту же страну/регион без выхода из этого экрана.
- исправлена критическая ошибка с отчетами скаутов
- исправлена критическая ошибка, иногда возникавшая при игре в товарищеских матчах, пересекавшимися с другими соревнованиями.
- исправлена ошибка когда некоторые SW не имели навыков игры DC.
- исправлена ошибка с тыцкой трансфера в случае промоушена при измененной базе.
- теперь генерируются стадионы, для промоутившихся команд из нижних лиг, не имевших его.
- исправлена критическая ошибка при завершении карьеры безработным менеджером.
- исправлена редкая критическая ошибка при назначении товарняков.
- исправлена критическая ошибка, когда в составе юзера было больше 200 игроков
- теперь когда игрок, находящийся в аренде, приобретается другой командой, его статистика очищается правильно.
- исправлен баг с неопраданным увольнением менеджера из-за финиширования среди некоторых команд, у которых в поле Next Division в редакторе стояло Lower Division.
- исправлены подвисания при переходе в скаутский лист просмотренных игроков

Движок матча
- Слегка уменьшено количество грубостей при игре без мяча
- Дальнейшее уменьшение грубости игроков
- еще более сильное уменьшение грубости игроков

- если юзер выходит из окна предложения контракта от другого клуба и возвращается обратно, то экран будет отображать команду, предлагающую вам контракт, а не вашу текущую.
- суммарные голы теперь отображаются правильно для турниров с двухраундовой системой
- теперь юзер может выбирать только один фарм-клуб за раз в новости об этом
- исправлены случаи, когда экран предложения контракта отображал старые предложения.
- исправлены случаи неправильного отображения названия команды в комментариях матча.
- домашние/гостевые статы теперь отображаются правильно после пребывания в экране тактики.
- исправлена ошибка, из-за которой запасной воротчег мог начать отображаться в форме полевого игрока после произведенных замен.
- исправлен баг, когда в окне «Превью» на вкладке бомбардиры отображались игроки из резервных команд.

- прекращены попытки подписать низкоуровневыми свободными агентами и возрастными игроками 5-летние контракты.
- занижены требования игроков по новому контракту.
- исправлен следующий баг: при предложении контракта игроку из команды юзера и при изменении секций в экране предложения контракта, игрок мог начать принадлежать команде, предлагающей контракт, а не команде пользователя.
- испрален баг, при котором пользователь не мог предложить новые контракты некоторым игрокам.
- исправлен баг с тем, что иногда игроку, ушедшему в аренду давался обычный контракт, а не арендный.
- исправлены случаи, в которых игроки просили просто грабительские бонусы за свое появление на поле.
- устранена возможность подписывать игроков, не получивших разрешение на работу, на условиях юношеского контракта.

- Агенты теперь не рекомендуют игроков, которые в аренде

Ньюгены/Молодые игроки
- исправлено появление множества игроков со второй национальностью и добавлены некотрые национальности для молодежи благодаря поддержке с форумов
- большее количество «двуногих» ньюгенов, чем раньше.
- уменьшено количество ньюгенов для стран, которые выбраны в режиме «View Only».

- уменьшено количество результатов для команд LLM, когда они посылали скаута в страну/регион.
- устранены внезапные прекращения выполнения скаутами своих заданий

- чуть снижены запрашиваемы суммы для команд не из топ-эшелона.
- прекращена деятельность «безумных президентов» в достаточно богатых клубах.
- клубы более склонны к трате денег на качественных игроков на низком/среднем уровне.
- чуть увеличен интерес со стороны иностранных клубов к хорошо играющим игрокам из малых лиг.
- исправлен баг, при котором помесячные выплаты не выплачивались команде при процентах от будущей продажи.

Сетевая игра
- исправлены зависания, если в игре используется пароль, и он был введен неверно.
- исправлена критическая ошибка на клиенте, когда он был забанен в игре
- исправлена критическая ошибка на клиенте, когда хостер вышел из игры, а клиент находился в экране тактики

- прекращено получение неизвестными игроками премий Лучшего Игрока Мира

- наивысший средний рейтинг теперь обновляется, если игрок повторивший рекорд сыграл большее количество матчей
- изменен отбор Карибских и Центрально-Американских стран для квалификации в Золотой Кубок.
- Кубок Африканских Наций 2008 проводится в Гане.
- в Royal League теперь только один раунд в четверть- и полуфиналах.

- верный проигравший полуфиналист выбирается для участия в Мировом Клубном Чемпионате, в случае выхода в финал Копа Либертадорес двух мексиканских команд.
- команды, занявшие 1-е места в групповом этапе Копа Либертадорес теперь имеют право вносить изменения в свою заявку на плейофф

- команды из северной и южной конференций теперь вступают в борьбу за Кубок Англии в 3-м квалификационном раунде.
- финал Джонстон Трофи играется на Уэмбли, начиная с сезона 07/08.
- финалы плейофф Северной и Южной Конференций теперь играются на более подходящих стадионах
- в первом сезоне финалы английских соревнований играются на Миллениуме, а затем на Уэмбли

- прекращено появление трансферных новостей в период свободных трансферов

- добавлены участники Кубка Бразилии 2007-02-23

- теперь матчи показываются по ТВ

- изменен формат Кубка Голландии.
- команды Эредивизи теперь всегда имеют заявленные команды в турнирах дублеров и молодежек

- исправлено неучастие ФК Гонконг в континентальных соревнованиях

- теперь в 4-м раунде Кубка Греции назначается переигровка при равном счете

- исправлен неработающий зимний перерыв для команд участниц кубка U18.
- некоторые изменения в расписание Премьер-лиги, перенесенные матчи не ставятся между или после последних двух туров

- добавлен верный метод удалений и штрафов в Кубке Тото

- Реджина теперь имеет багаж 11 очков.

- исправлены некоторые условия промоушена/вылета.

- исправлен баг, когда победитель плейофф Первого Дивизиона А не проумотился, если это была команда из Второго Дивизиона

- верные команды теперь квалифицируются для участия в Royal League

- добавлен Польский Кубок Лиги

- финал Кубка Португалии теперь проводится на Национальном Стадионе

Сев. Ирландия
- прекращены случаи использования одной и той же команды дважды в плейофф за выбывание во Втором Дивизионе

- добавлены ограничения для двух клубов, играющих в Сингапурской лиге (одного китайского и одного южно-корейского)

- исправлена ошибка с неправильно промоутящимися командами, когда выбран один только Первый Дивизион

- трансферный бюджет, показывающийся в новостях теперь соответствует бюджету на экране финансов

- исправлена валлийская дисциплинарная система

- группы Финского Кубка лиги теперь скорректированы для 2007 года

Эдитор 7.0.2
- добавлена возможность изменения команд B/C
- добавлено поле Сила Региона в континентах
- добавлены коэффициенты УЕФА и рейтинг ФИФА
- добавлены языки наций
- добавлены международные товарищеские матчи
- добавлены поля цен на сезонные абонементы и билеты на матч
- добавлены клубные коэффициенты УЕФА
- добавлены региональные дивизионы для клубов
- добавлены тактические атрибуты клубов
- добавлены клубные рекорды
- добавлены клубные истории
- добавлены изменения вместимости стадиона
- добавлены смены стадионов (переезд на новый)
- добавлены цвета наград
- добавлены истории наград
- добавлены широты и долготы городов
- добавлены цвета соревнований
- добавлено отношение случаев возникновения травм
- добавлен Следующий Дивизион для клубов
- добавлена возможность изменения закончивших карьеру персоналий
- добавлены Известные Игроки для наций (по мнению СМИ)
- исправлен баг, который мог вызвать проблемы при изменении имени персоналии
- исправлено дублирование записей в населении городов
- для игроков/неигроков доступны только соответствующие профессии
- исправлена сортировка в клубном листе стаффа/игроков

#11 brotherbrown


    Игрок запаса

  • Пользователи
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Опубликовано 05 Март 2007 - 18:07

Вот, нашёл где-то....

тут подсказывают, что этот текст с fmfan.ru. неплохой перевод, смысл русскими буквами передан. :zrow:

#12 kids A

kids A


  • Люди "Х"
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Опубликовано 06 Март 2007 - 17:43

как-то буднично играть стало, желтых и красных маловато стало. Ждешь их ждешь, а нифига. В сезоне за Сампу одно удаление было у соперника и все. Непривычно все это
когда-то здесь была подпись...

#13 @lex


    Молодое дарование

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Опубликовано 06 Март 2007 - 17:55

было много плохо
стало меньше - непривычно

что мы хотим?)))

#14 makrill


    Незаменимый игрок

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Опубликовано 07 Март 2007 - 11:30

мы хотим реалистично - сделают одно - не нравится, сделают по-другому - опять не нравится - никак компромисс не получается сделать..
<a href="http://www.lastfm.ru...tyle=basicrt10" target="_blank"><img src="http://imagegen.last...ks/makrill.gif" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" /></a>

#15 @lex


    Молодое дарование

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Опубликовано 07 Март 2007 - 17:22

ребят а мне кажется или нет?
у меня с установкой патча усилилось влияние забитого гола на команду
обычно после забитого мной мяча я забиваю еще один буквально через 2-3 минуты?

#16 kids A

kids A


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Опубликовано 08 Март 2007 - 21:56

Алекс, не замечал такого... Точнее как, было только один раз, что в течении минуты забивали дважды.
когда-то здесь была подпись...

#17 kiero



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Опубликовано 09 Март 2007 - 21:59

Здравствуйте, не было ли у кого-нибудь из вас замедления хайлайтов после установки патча? У меня на 5 скорости играется, как раньше на 3.
Помимо патча, ставил графику и звуки. Удалил их (вернул шоколадную data). Скин Flexion, т.е. официальный... Спасибо за помощь.

#18 Venix



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Опубликовано 09 Март 2007 - 22:39

Здравствуйте, не было ли у кого-нибудь из вас замедления хайлайтов после установки патча? У меня на 5 скорости играется, как раньше на 3.
Помимо патча, ставил графику и звуки. Удалил их (вернул шоколадную data). Скин Flexion, т.е. официальный... Спасибо за помощь.

Есть такое дело,у всех.... :whistling:
Лечится передвиганием полузнка :bigwink:

#19 kiero



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Опубликовано 09 Март 2007 - 22:47

Есть такое дело,у всех.... :whistling:
Лечится передвиганием полузнка :bigwink:

Я-то и говорю, что в крайнем правом положении ползунка (5-ое, если считать слева) скорость та же, что была раньше при среднем положении (3) - т.е. скорость реального человеческого времени.

#20 Venix



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Опубликовано 09 Март 2007 - 22:49

Я-то и говорю, что в крайнем правом положении ползунка (5-ое, если считать слева) скорость та же, что была раньше при среднем положении (3) - т.е. скорость реального человеческого времени.

Ну и что из этого... передвинул ползунок и играй себе,то что разработчики замедлили скорость игры - известный факт.